University Of Canberra...

It has been far too long since I wrote my thoughts here on this page.  Let's rectify that immediately.

Thank you, dear University of Canberra, for the incredible honour of the Chancellor's Young Alumni Award.  Both for the award itself and for considering me Young just a few days removed from my birthday.  You always knew how to make me smile, UC.

I've been a university student now for 15 years, and as I enter the last couple months of my law degree (that'll confuse the people who know me from Johannessen Legal), I'm starting to develop a little separation anxiety.

UC was where I learnt just how fanatical people can be about politics, real or contrived.  I learnt how to anticipate questions, how to deal with apathy, how to deal with excessive enthusiasm.  I learnt about deadlines and personal responsibility for work, time management, people management, self management.

I was inspired, motivated, pushed and prodded by a collection of incredible people, from academic staff in the Law School such as Jan Lennard, Dr Gilchrist and Professor Sainsbury, who, after being appointed head of the School of Law, still so graciously and selflessly took my calls and emails and provided advice as to my studies and career, to the Journalism and Communications staff, who were so instrumental in providing hands on experience and encouraging me to always search for more information, seek more knowledge.

I spent so many hours on courts representing the University in basketball and American football, and perhaps even more hours in the library or refectory with fellow students, pouring over books and articles in search of the perfect answer.  Later, while studying from a distance due to career, I've realised that UC cultivated such an incredible atmosphere that every second spent studying or writing was truly a joy because I wanted to be there.

One of my favourite memories to this day is roaming the halls and rooms of the Law School very late after hours; as President of the Law Society, I was often in the office late attending to some plan or project, in between completing (or rather, starting) assignments.  Walking the halls late at night, when no one else was around, was akin to reverence at times.  I had grown up respecting the institution of university so greatly that the thought of being in a law school was always a little surprising and humbling.

I know it sounds corny, however it's the truth.

UC also sent me to the University of Georgia.  I need far more time to put into words how incredible and fulfilling that experience was.

To now be recognised publicly by the University is a great privilege and honour.  Thank you.



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