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Dear Mom...

It is now very late on my 4th day in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have attempted to write this paragraph for over two hours now, yet struggle to find the words.

It is not that I am searching for ways to describe my experiences and thoughts, rather that I find myself overwhelmed with ideas, memories and emotions to impart.

Perhaps then the simplest way to convey my feelings is also the most important one;

Dear Mom,
Thank you for everything; your love, your support, your strength. Thank you for your harshness, your truthfulness, your integrity.
Thank you for your wisdom, your guidance, your sweetness.
Thank you for your values, your ideas, your ideals.

Were I to meet this fate life has laid before me with any measure of success, it would not through my own honour, strength or courage; rather dear mother, it would be by yours.
These 4 days have reminded me of what matters most in this world; Giving. Whether Love or Truth, Giving is the essential ingredient to happiness.
I am under no illusions; living her…