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Speech to Gold Creek High Graduation...

It’s always such a shock to see young people I know, have taught or have spoken to in formal dresses and elegant suits.It reminds me, it proves to me, that you’re no longer kids.
In so many cases for your parents, your teachers, even your friends that can be a difficult truth to face.
How many of you were late this evening because your parents just had to take a couple of extra pictures of you?
So what can I possibly tell you, impart to you, provide guidance on this evening.This is such a monumentally important night in your high school lives, I’m sure listening to someone else speak is far down on your list of priorities.Especially someone like me who is having such a hard time reconciling just how much more grown up you all are compared to when I was in your position over a decade ago.
I remember sitting at my table with a girl who I’d only plucked up the courage to ask out 24 hours before, barely listening to the speaker because I was so nervous about the formal, about my date, ab…

Speech to Campbell High Year 10 Graduation...

I've re-written this speech 100 times this week... I struggled with what to tell you, what to impart... let's start with what I won't tell you.
I won’t tell you what to do with your life.While the specifics are always interesting, there is never just one right path or option.
I won’t tell you what your profession should be.What you choose to do in life is never a matter for anyone else to judge or dictate.
I won’t tell you what your opinions should be.Where you end up philosophically is a matter for you and no one else.
I won’t tell you what you should do, what you should think, what you should feel, how you should speak.
I won’t tell you to have the next few years of your life figured out.I certainly didn’t at your age.
I won’t tell you to go to university or not, to become a doctor or a mechanic, a teacher or a musician.I won’t tell you to travel the world or never leave this town.
I won’t talk to you about obstacles in life, because you’ve seen nike and adidas ads far …